Jaggery Powder (HSN - 17011390)

Indrakshi Jaggary powder is the chemical free jaggery powder composition with excellent laboratory report. It is pure, sweet and multiple usages product for preparation of food items as well as Ayurveda medicinal products. It can be directly consumed regularly becaused of its exceptional health benefits. It is always recommended by dieticians and Nutritionist.
(FSS License No.-11517021001161, HACCP Certified, HALAL INDIA CERT. NO. HIP23901215)


  • Jaggery contains proteins, vitamins and minerals, which are essential constituents for the body.
  • The high potassium content in Jaggery assists in weight reduction, as it prevents water retention in the body.
  • It also increases metabolism.
  • Jaggery is very good as a cleansing agent. It cleans lungs, stomach, intestines, esophagus and respiratory tracts.
  • It is better to consume Jaggery as compared to sugar for iron content, minerals, and vitamins present in it along with sucrose. Healthy people can substitute sugar with Jaggery.
  • It is digested slowly, and energy release is also slow. Energy is provided for a longer period of time and it not harmful for the body.
  • The micronutrients present in the Jaggary possess antitoxic and anti-carcinogenic properties.


Primary Ingredient : Sugarcane  ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
Taste : Sweet Payment Terms : L/C
Shelf Life : 1 Year Minimum Order Quantity : 18.00 MT
Form : Powder Packaging Details : 30 kg woven sack with PE liners inside.
Product Type : Powder Jaggery Delivery Time : 1 Week
Brand Name : Indrakshi Rate : $465.00 PMT 
Color : Golden Yellow to Dark brown  
Place of Origin : Kolhapur